Mega EverDrive X5

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  • 64mbit (8mbyte) PSRAM.
  • 56mbit (7mbyte) max ROM size.
  • 128Kbyte Battery RAM
  • FAT32 file system supported.
  • microSD cards up to 32GB.
  • Fast loading (2-4 sec).
  • Built in audio playback. GYM, TFC
  • Regular game battery back-up saves.
  • Sega Genesis, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, and 32X files supported.
  • Hardware MEGAKEY.
  • CD BIOS loading.
  • CD RAM cart feature.
  • Cheats feature. Game Genie and Play-Action Replay format supported.



 OS update (Mega EverDrive v2)


We do our best to ensure that our devices are compatible with various console clones and modified systems, but we cannot guarantee compatibility with all of them, especially modern clones released after our device.

Mega X3 vs Mega X5


Sebastian Palma
06 december 2021, 22:39

Excelente producto de una muy buena velocidad de carga en los juegos. Una maravilla y además su placa electrónica (PCM) es de buena calidad, lo que cuida mucho el lector de mi consola.

09 september 2021, 17:59

The best product in the world. Really awesome!

Yan Poplavsky
01 october 2020, 14:59

Bought a few years ago. Still works like a charm. High quality cart and case.
Can be used as Sega-CD ram cart and to switch between SCD BIOS Regions. Just amazing,
The only thing it can't do - playing big hacks and Titan Overdrive 2.

15 may 2020, 22:10

Me gustaria que los precio del X5 y X7 fueran mas comodos

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