Mega EverDrive X3

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  • Sega Genesis, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, and 32X files supported.
  • 64mbit (8mbyte) PSRAM.
  • 56mbit (7mbyte) max ROM size.
  • FAT32 file system supported.
  • Micro SD cards up to 32GB.
  • Fast loading (2-4 sec).
  • Built in audio playback. GYM, TFC
  • Regular game battery back-up saves.
  • CD BIOS loading.
  • Cheats feature. Game Genie and Play-Action Replay format supported.




 OS update (Mega EverDrive v2)



Mega X3 vs Mega X5



17 february 2021, 16:47

For the price, this is an excellent device and thoroughly great value. If you are a Megadrive user you need one of these.
- @My.Retro.Tech

12 february 2021, 15:09

This is my first Everdrive product and it certainly won't be the last. It works like a charm and it shipped pretty quickly without any problems. It definitely worth the $39.

Norman Mulinacci
13 september 2020, 08:53

Great option for budget gamers. Arrived safe and sound in Italy after 1 month (due to COVID shipping is slow). Just one minor note: the cartridge HAS a physical SMS pause button near the microSD slot, somehow in the comparison charts it says otherwise. I recommend it!

Adam Rai
12 august 2020, 23:23

Thank You item arrived safe and sound to Sydney Australia.

03 august 2020, 16:11

It's the cheapest of the Mega Everdrives, but manages to get the job done! It has all the basic options for you to start using an everdrive and it worked out of the box with every SMS/MD/32X game I tried (granted that you have to look out for rom and region compatibility with your system). Pressing reset to save isn't even an issue when you get used to it.

30 june 2020, 17:48

An excellent budget option for a genesis flashcart, suits all my uses and looks cool too.

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