EverDrive N8 PRO NES

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  • Cyclone IV FPGA.
  •  16MB of ROM memory. 8MB for PRG and  8MB for CHR.
  • 256K of battery ram for saves.
  • Real time clock for logging date and time of saves.
  • High quality 6-layers PCB.
  • ARM based 32bit I/O co-processor for SD and USB operations acceleration.
  • Up to 1024 files per folder, or unlimited if file sorting disabled.
  • In-game menu. You can save game or return to system menu without physical reset.
  • Multi slot save states. 100 independent slots for save states.
  • Instant ROM loading.
  • USB port for development and system update without removing micro SD card.
  • Improved audio mixing circuit with op amp.
  • Dedicated button, which is used for swap FDS disk side or as alternate method to call Save State menu.
  • Built-in NSF player with expansion chips support (VRC6, VRC7, Sunsoft-5b, Namco-163).
  • Battery voltage monitoring. Battery can be replaced in time if it going dry.
  • Ultra low battery ram consumption. Estimated battery life 25 years.
  • Wide range of supported mappers.
  • NES2.0 partial support.
  • Game Genie cheats support.



OS Update

USB tool

Development resources (Github)

User manual




N8 PRO VS Original N8


Matthew Smith
25 february 2020, 12:53

Great customer service. Helped me resolve an issue as quickly as possible. Great product works great on my AVS!

20 july 2020, 14:02

Ordered one in april to have some retro fun. After 2½ month, it arrived! (slow mail because of Covid-19). Completly forgot I did a special request in the buying form. They did put a beautiful rainbow on the package. Awesome product and service. Thank you!

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