EverDrive-GB X5

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  • Max ROM size: 8MByte
  • Max SAVE RAM size: 128KByte
  • Instant loading
  • Low power consumption
  • High quality 4-layers PCB
  • Hard gold plating for cartridge contacts
  • GameGenie cheat codes
  • Soft reset to menu
  • Supported mappers: MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC5
  • Micro SD cards are supported.
  • Compatible with all systems which supports GB and GBC cartridges, including Super Game Boy*
  • OS supports up to 1000 files per folder
  • PCB Rev.B (Fixed compatibility problems with Game Boy pocket) 


EverDrive-GB X series comparison:

  • [EverDrive-GB X5]
  • Same as X7 minus save states, in-game menu and RTC


  • [EverDrive-GB X3]
  • Same as X5 but required reboot in menu to save game progress stored in SRAM (Like Mega-X3 or ED64-V2.5)



OS Update




14 february 2022, 11:19

Very fast shipping to Germany! Thanks. Works great!

Andry Novaliano
14 october 2021, 04:55

Arrived faster than I expected, works like a charm. Great stuff!

Daniel Letkemann
15 september 2021, 14:27

This thing is great. All it needs is a file sorting feature like on the GBA X5 and it would be perfect.

14 september 2021, 15:28

Perfect, parcel was delivered to France faster than expected. The seller was very kind. The cartridge itself is great and simple to use.

14 may 2021, 11:11

I've had mine for three days now. It's an X5 Model 17 Rev. C.
Works perfectly on my Game Boy Pocket and Color.
I don't have a DMG or Advance but I assume it would work just as well.

16 april 2021, 21:03

Excellent Cartridge, works a dream!
My Game Boy is epic now.

28 april 2020, 13:04

Simply perfect
Fast shipping
Installation details very clear and simple
Works just fine

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