EverDrive-64 v3 (Old stock CIC-6102)

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This is outdated version of N64 EverDrive without UltraCIC. We selling old stock remnants with discount.

Cartridge uses previous board revision with preinstalled CIC-6102, instead of UltraCIC.This cart can work only with NTSC system (Japan or US version)

Carts with CIC-6102 can not play few games which uses protection mechanisms of CIC-6105 (Banjo tooie, JFG etc.) Also such cart is not supported with PAL systems.



High compatibility. 

CIC-6102. Supports NTSC systems

Custom multi region shell. Cartridge fits in any console

64Mbyte (512mbit) SDRAM for ROM data (max ROM size 64Mbyte)

256Kbyte battery RAM (Save RAM)

RTC (real time clock)

Game pak saves does not require reset

SD and SDHC cards are supported

FAT16/FAT32 support. Unlimited partition size for FAT32

SD to SDRAM transfer speed up to 23 Mbyte/s

Emulation features

Gamepack saves support (SRAM, SRAM128Kbyte, EEPROM16k, EEPROM4k, FlashRam)

GameShark cheats

IPS/APS patches

No extra software needed


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